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V-STARS is photogrammetry software that allows you to determine accurate 3D coordinates (XYZ) from digital images. Typically, pictures are taken from two or more locations using a very precise digital camera such as GSI's INCA3. The photographs are then automatically processed using the powerful V-STARS software to produce the 3D coordinates of the measured object. The 3D coordinates can be visualized and analyzed using V-STARS software or a third party software. The points to be measured can be either physically targetted (stick on targets, tooling targets) or projected dots (via the PRO-SPOT projector) or probed (hand held probes).
There are different V-STARS configurations available.
or V-STARS/E use a single camera, whilst
uses two or more cameras.

Representing decades of development and experience, the V-STARS software is at the core of every system. V-STARS is robust, highly automated and comprehensive. Some of its features include:

  • Fast, completely automatic image processing
  • Template projects for automating repeat measurements
  • Construction objects to simplify repetitive data analysis
  • Graphical viewing of data and results
  • Data alignment and transformation
  • Report generating capabilities
  • Export data to third party softwar

Optional packages are available for further data analysis. These include:

SOLIDS - Computes best-fit lines, planes, circles, spheres, cylinders and curves.
V-SURF - Imports IGES files for point to surface analysis.
PARABOLA - Computes best-fit paraboloid.

Click here to see how V-STARS can quickly and accurately build even in unstable environments.

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