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V-STARS software

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The V-STARS E4X is GSI's entry-level single camera system.

The V-STARS E4X is a lower--priced entry-level system for users who do not need the accuracy or features of the high-end V-STARS S8 systems.

The V-STARS E4X system uses a professional-grade digital camera (D2X) that has been modified by GSI for high-accuracy industrial measurement.. Like the V-STARS S8 system, the V-STARS E4X system can be setup and ready to shoot in seconds. However, the V-STARS E4X system cannot be upgraded to a multiple-camera system. Some of the E4X features and benefits are listed below.

High Accuracy
GSI's advanced calibration techniques have significantly improved the accuracy of the D2X camera. The V-STARS E4X system is capable of measurement accuracies better than 8um + 8um/m (0.040mm@4m, 0.0016"@160")

The D2X camera's metal body coupled with GSI's proprietary modifications produce a robust camera that stands up to the rigors of an industrial environment.

The E4X consists of the D2X camera, a notebook computer, V-STARS software and assorted accessories. The entire E4X system can be carried on-board an airplane or checked as standard baggage. So it can go anywhere in the world with you.

Simple Set-up
The D2X can be setup and ready to shoot in seconds. Taking pictures with the D2X is as easy as taking pictures with a regular camera. The focus and aperture are preset so there are virtually no settings to make.

The Right Solution for the Job

The E4X system offers companies an alternative for applications that don't need the higher accuracy offered by the V-STARS S8 system.

Direct Image Reading
Image files are read directly by V-STARS for greater convenience and accuracy.

Simple Storage
The D2X uses small, robust and convenient Compact Flash Cards. In JPG mode approximately 800 images can be stored on the card. Additionally, the images can be transmitted via an optional wireless interface (802.11g).

Interchangeable Batteries
The D2X's batteries are readily interchangeable and fast charging.

Easy Handling
The D2X is light, compact and ideal for areas with restricted space.

LCD Preview
The D2X has an LCD screen which can be used to review the captured images.

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