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V-STARS software

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is a fast, non-contact way to measure large objects quickly and accurately

PRO-SPOT works by projecting thousands of high-contrast targets onto an object. A V-STARS single or multiple camera system measures the targets.

PRO-SPOT makes fast, accurate, dense, non-contact measurements on large surfaces such as molds, master models, panels, antennas and other components.

Large objects can be measured in a single setup due to PRO-SPOT's powerful, stroboscopic projector. Multiple setups can be used to densify measurements or measure larger objects.


Fast:: A single setup is measured in minutes with a single-camera V-STARS S or V-STARS E system and in seconds with a multiple-camera V-STARS M8 system.
Point density: 600 to 23,000 point slides available
Portability: Projector weighs less than 6kg and uses a light-weight tripod
Volume: Measures objects up to 6m in diameter in a single setup
Durability: Rugged system designed for in-place measurement



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